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31 May 2010


Since this is about Facebook and an English defined term, I figured this post should be in English too. Of course I need to emphasize my advanced English knowledge and feed my hungry ego. However, it may also show that nice things can often be totally useless. Just like an English post on a Romanian blog.

VSR stands for Virtual Social Responsibility.

I receive invitations to join different facebook causes on a daily basis. I join most of them, I comment some, and I forward the invitation to at least 75 people in my contacts list. I've even created one myself. Most of them have a noble scope and stand for things most people would consider right and/or correct.

My dilemma is in the area where I just can't figure out how high is the Virtual percentage of these causes. What happens when they reach the requested members point? Is anyone carrying them on? Are the initiators still there? And if they are, are they bound to do anything? Since the web allows profiles that include or not identities, where is the responsibility? As, for all I know, responsibility exists only by the existence of (at least) one responsible.

Therefore, I'm asking you and myself, is it enough to feel better about ourselves by joining a cause or should we ignore that and start picking up the garbage on the grass? Any garbage, any grass, at your own will.

Comments in Romanian, French, and Italian are accepted too.

This is the join of the day: Vrem sa traim intr-o lume mai curata!

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